The Second Podcast – Malifaux 2E voting (Arcanists, Neverborn, Outcasts) plus a quick mention

The second podcast!  In this one we do some voting of how models

Malifaux 2E Beta Voting – Part 1

I also really want to take a moment and want to let everyone know that Ryan Davis of died on July 3rd, 2013 and it hit me pretty hard when I found out about the news on July 8th.  I started listening to his podcast a long while back and  became a true fan of the entire crew at Giantbomb but mostly because of his chaotic-good hearted nature which was truly evident when listening to him.

I first met him at PAX 2009 in Seattle and saw he was not only pumped to be there, but just excited to meet new and old friends.

I cannot consider myself a friend of his, but he made me feel like I was when he gave props to a stupid t-shirt i made and when he had a 10 minute discussion with me about HIS advice on how to start a podcast.  It took awhile, but I finally got there I think.

Duders, it truly and utterly sucks I have to post this seeing the new GiantBombCast up and knowing I won’t be able to hear his voice repeating the date with such enthusiasm.

The announcement of Ryan’s passing on



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